Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Letter From Reggie Clemons

Dear: Friends & Supporters,

Hello! How are you doing today? I hope this letter and message reaches you in time. There is a documentary about the Death Penalty and my pending Execution. The State of Missouri has already wrongfully murdered my co-defendant Marlin Gray, whom died maintaining and proclaiming his innocence.
The people of Justice Watch/The Color of Justice have recently finished a documentary called, “Borrowed Time”. Unfortunately, Justice Watch does not have the necessary resources to distribute the documentary. Since the documentary is about my case and I am praying to get the truth out, I am asking you to please help Justice Watch in any way you can.
Even if this documentary does not save me from wrongfully being murdered by the State of Missouri, at the very least, the World must know about the shedding of innocent blood. Hopefully, that will make that much harder for States to keep killing mercilessly with no regard for the truth of the case evidence. They might get another pound of flesh out of me, but I at least want the World to know how my life was taken.
That way my mother (Vera Thomas), my beautiful mother’s eighteen years of hard work to help me won’t be silenced into the darkness of death and cover ups. So my lovely young daughter will know I did everything possible and never gave up. So I can do more with my life than die for a crime I DID NOT COMMIT.
To help Justice Watch/The Color of Justice with distribution of the documentary called, “Borrowed Time”, Please send donations to:
Justice Watch
P.O. Box 210263
St. Louis, Mo. 63121

Reginald Clemons 990102
Potosi Correctional Center
11593 State Highway O
Mineral Point, Mo. 63660

P.S. Please send this letter to as many people possible.
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